Check Yourself in SEO: Top 38 Basic Interview Question 2016

IQ TEST Basic SEO Interview Questions 2016 & SEO Interview Questions 2017

Check Your SEO-IQ Test with Given weightage Calculation of Questions

Share Your Answers, we will share your marks ! 

  • How you will do profile creation? Give few majors websites name.  ---10

  • How you will do blog commenting in 2016.  ------------5

  • Still you are doing directory submission? If yes then why?  ----------10

  • In 2016, are you looking page rank of submissions websites? Why?  ---4

  • What are the Initial steps of SEO process after On-page optimization? -----5

  • What do you mean by mobile rendering Issue? How you will reduced this.  -----4

  • One major difference between HTML5 & HTML4  --------5

  • How you will perform SEO activities without content?   ---------10

  • SEO is LIVE? How you will prove this?  ------10

  • How you will find out website is mobile responsive without help of Tools   -----10

  • What is Class C IP duplication? Please explain!  -----5

  • What are new content marketing strategies? What you will do?   ----10

  • Why Google certification is necessary? Have you done it & what they are?  ----0.5

  • Name few SEO Tools, Which one you like most? ----4

  • What do you mean by website analysis in SEO?   ------10

  • Have you done PPC campaigns?  ----3

  • What are web analytics tools? Name.   ----10

  • How you will find & remove un-natural back-links?  --- 10

  • What is MOZ?   ----4

  • Latest Google Panda & Penguin.  ----10

  • How you will do ASO (Apps Store Optimization)?  -----10

  • What is CPC, CPM & CTR?   -----10

  • Have you listen about Google AdSense?  ----0.5

  • What you like: Off-page SEO or ON-page SEO or website analysis or web analytics. --10

  • What you will do in mobile marketing? What is mobile marketing?  ----5

  • Explain Hummingbird update  ------5

  • Explain Google core algorithm?  -----5

  • How you will setup Goals in GA?  -----5

  • What is e-commerce tracking in GA?  -----5

  • Which blogs you usually read for update yourself?  ----5

  • What is Keywords Cannibalization? ---5

  • What is AD rank?  ----5

  • What is Quality Score    -----5

  • A customer can give you an access to only one tool, which one will you choose, Webmasters or Analytics?  ----10

  • If any website gets de-indexed by Google suddenly, then what are the exact reasons? Please explain. ----10

  • Which is better Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag? ----5

  • If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which of the following are recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results? -- 4

  • If any page has blocked via Robots.txt but that page was already back-linked previously in some other website, then that page will index by Google or not?  ----20

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