How to Design a Website With SEO in Mind - Build It And They Will Come

How to Design a Website With SEO in Mind
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Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been apparent within the internet world, but as Google’s ranking factors have been streamlined with their frequent search algorithm updates, implementing SEO into a website is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s digitalized world.

SEO is the process of setting up a website in a way that allows it be visible within a search engine’s results page, based on the standard practices that all search engines use to organize the internet world. 
This can be boiled down to a number of strategies, but overall, SEO is impressing a search engine by giving it a reason to rank the website. As important as SEO is in today’s world, many websites are missing many SEO opportunities, or worse, overlooking the idea of SEO entirely. Proper optimization of a website is vital to its success, therefore, I wanted to go over 7 SEO tips that can be applied to a website to get it started in the world of search engine optimization. 

Proper optimization of a website is vital to its success; therefore, I wanted to go over seven SEO tips that can be applied to a website to get it started in the world of search engine optimization. 
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Discover Keywords

All too often, a website will be created with little-to-no sense of direction on what it is going to be focused on. Before an SEO campaign is set in place, it is highly important to find what the best keywords are going to be to target, because this will allow search engines to easily understand what exactly the website is about.
Moz put together a very informative guide for performing keyword research that can help you get started on the right track.

Optimize Title Tags

Remember the keywords we just talked about? Implementing these keywords (or variations of these keywords) into the title tags of the website’s pages should be the first step when optimizing a website to rank in search. The title tag of a page can serve as the first impression that users and search engines see when performing searches around your targeted keywords.
There are quite a bit of tactics when it comes to title tag optimization, however, keyword usage and the overall length of the tag should be the priority when optimizing the website.

Optimize Content

Now that the website’s title tags have been optimized, the next thing to investigate is the actual content on the website’s pages. Overall, the content on the page needs to be highly informational and useful to the reader, because Google heavily enforces this in their ranking factors. However, it is also important to incorporate the use of the targeted keywords within the website’s content.
This is where it can be a bit tricky, since overstuffing a website with keywords can send spam signals to both search engines and the users browsing the page.
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Use Tracking Tools

Search engine optimization involves a lot of data tracking and pivoting, therefore it is vital to use tools in order to understand the results of the efforts being put into the campaign. One of the most insightful tools within an SEO campaign is Google Analytics. This tool allows users to gain insight on many aspects of a website’s performance, including traffic and conversions.
There are also a handful of SEO plugins that can be installed within the website builder itself. With two of the more popular website builders being WordPress and Drupal, I found a couple of articles throughout the web that provide lists of many helpful SEO plugins.

Build Relevant Links

Building relevant, high-quality links to a website is a major aspect to the wellbeing of an SEO campaign, and is also commonly referred to as the hardest part of an SEO campaign.
Search engines use high-quality links as a key ranking factor in how your website will be ranked in their search results. Therefore, having a strong portfolio of links pointing to the website is a huge win in terms of SEO. Think of links as votes. The more votes a website has, the more likely it will be for a search engine to see it as an answer to a searcher’s questions.

Get on Social Media

Now that social media posts are being indexed within Google’s search results, having an established social media presence can be a big win for a website’s SEO endeavor since posts can now be ranked in Google. Aside from this, inbound marketing is becoming much more popularized, meaning social media can play a huge role in driving targeted traffic to a website.
Remember that social media can be tricky, and it is important to find how exactly to design a social media post to work the best for your audience. Overall, social media is becoming more of a necessity in the digital marketing world.

Take Advantage of Local

As smartphones and wearable technologies are at an all-time high, online searches for offline purchases are becoming much more apparent. I would be lying if I didn’t search “Best pizza in Boise” on a weekly basis.
If your business or website has a brick & mortar shop where customers can buy your products and services, then it is important to tackle local SEO tactics to ensure you are being showcased as a result for local searches throughout the community. 

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Overall, search engine optimization is an extremely important factor the success of a websites online existence, since the use of Google has increased exponentially in the last decade. It is vital to take it seriously and be extremely mindful on how SEO is being applied to a website. Thank you for reading.
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